Friday, August 31, 2018

Perform Better Functional Training Summit 2018

My first Functional Training Summit was in 2010. This year I decided to go back. The Summit is three days of lectures and hands-on opportunities in all aspects of training. This is a summary of some of the presentations I attended.

Odd Position Strength Training: Michol Dalcourt
Dalcourt presented on the difference between muscular strength training (developing muscle force in a single plane of motion: bench press) and movement strength training (variable loading positions during multi-directional movement: Turkish Get-Up). I use both types of training in my programming, but would like to increase my knowledge base of the movement strength training exercises.

Revamp Your Bootcamp: Marc Lebert
In this hands-on, I had an opportunity to use the Lebert Equalizer bars in many different ways. Some of you have already had a chance to try out some of the new moves.

Sleep: The only True "Fix-All" of Health and Perfomance: Brandon Marcello
Despite having a PhD in nutrition, Marcello insisted that sleep is the most important factor in health and wellness, followed by nutrition and movement. He went over the results of having vs not-having enough sleep, sleep debt and how to repay it, and sleep myths.

Unlocking Mobility: How to Create Flexibility that Lasts: Greg Rose
Greg Rose, a chiropractor, presented how to increase thoracic spine and hip mobility by combining pressure against a joint with deep breathing.

The Ketogenic Diet: Right or Wrong?: Robert Yang
The keto diet, as it's most often applied, has the following macronutrient breakdown: 65% fat, 10% carbohydrates, 25% protein. While studies have shown that this diet is safe for general health, Yang advised that body type, adrenal health, response to dairy, gender, and exercise activity need to be considered before recommending it.

Which of these topics are you most interested in? I plan to go into more detail in future posts.

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