Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The consumption of alcohol, while enjoyable in moderation, has detrimental effects on your health goals. These next two articles go over the caloric and metabolic cost of alcohol, demonstrating that alcohol is not only empty calories, and can affect fat storage and muscle maintenance. We should make a strong effort to decrease alcohol use as much as possible for best health.

Caloric cost of alcohol

Alcohol and Metabolism

Monitoring exercise intensity

This next article discusses different ways of monitoring cardiovascular exercise intensity in order to make training most effective.

Heart rate and exercise intensity

Why do muscles tighten up?

I recently wrote this post for the American Council on Exercise discussing muscle tightness, whether it be due to limited range of motion, cramping muscles, or muscle soreness. It's my first publishing with ACE, so I am ecstatic.

Why do muscles tighten up?