Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let's Dance

Fitness and exercise should include components we enjoy for other reasons, in addition to health benefits. Having fun makes it easier to continue exercising. I like dancing, so I dug out some videos from back in the day when only Europe listened to electronic music.

Christopher Walken's dancing lessons have finally been put to use! And David Guetta's mix of breakdancing, ballet, parkour, gymnastics, and modern dance. Moving muscles through their full range of motion has never been better.

Fatboy Slim's documentary on evolution. What does the last 10 seconds mean? Is this where humans are currently. We've been swimming, crawling, climbing, swinging, running, walking since life began. Now, we're chillin' on a bench, and "#1 So why try Harder?"
The answer is "No, see first two links."

Cartoons, Fitness, and Philosophy

Some friends referred me to these thought provoking cartoon videos...which I thought were written by the same person. However, apparently narrating while sketching is a "thing" these days.

23 and 1/2 hours Reiterates the benefits of exercise, and how lifelong exercise has the greatest impact on health, quality of life, death etc.

The High Price of Materialism I found this to be really thought provoking and it has inspired me to think about what motivates me intrinsically. I've found that by thinking about what my actions mean in relation to my personal values has made me happier, just over the past week :) I do think that "materialism" may be better (although long-winded) restated as "putting more importance on impressing others, rather than focusing on what's important to you." This frequently tends to mean material possessions, but it can mean a number of other things. It can mean trying to be the best parent on your block, rather than the best parent you can be; The fastest runner on your team, rather than the fastest runner you can be.
Life is a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. Other people's opinions will always have some influence over us, we are social creatures. It seems that we can all be happier by focusing more of our intentions and actions on our intrinsic values.