Friday, June 21, 2019

New BOSU Balance Trainers!

You may have noticed that we have recently received the newest generation of BOSU trainers at Fit Carmel Mountain. With this purchase, Fit Downtown hosted a BOSU continuing education class for the training staff this past weekend. The new BOSU balance trainers look a little different, but are essentially the same. The BOSU® NexGen™ Balance Trainer features a textured dome surface that significantly increases the functionality. The quadrants and channels help with hand and foot positioning as well as cueing. We learned several different exercise progressions and regressions as well as how to modify the exercise by using tempo, complexity, balance, range, and volume. The biggest surprise for me was that stepping onto the BOSU and doing lower body exercises with the round side up (as pictured below) was more challenging than with the flat side up.

Please speak with me if you'd like a refresher on BOSU exercises to incorporate into your workouts. These balance trainers have been in fitness centers for a long time and yet, I had forgotten many of the exercise possibilities.

I'd also like to remind you of the June Monthly Fitness Challenge! Complete as many Squats to a Box in 2mins as you can. This is with a barbell placed on your back weighing 50% of body weight for women and 70% of body weight for men. Prizes are a free month of membership or a free personal training session. Make sure you have me or another employee witness!