Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Moderate-Intensity Exercise Boosts Calorie Burning for an Entire Day

Exciting news that may give you a convincing reason to do a moderate-intensity workout on days when you're tempted to skip! Previous research had only shown high intensity exercise to increase resting energy expenditure post-exercise. A 2017 study has shown that energy expenditure increased for at least 22 hours after bouts of moderate-intensity (50% peak) exercise, leading to an additional 64 (+/-119) calories burned per day. Resting energy expenditure increased 103 (+/-137) calories per day for high-intensity exercise (84% peak). This doesn't include the contribution of calories burned during the actual exercise.

The study authors had adjusted caloric intake to achieve energy balance; they believe this design difference isolated the exercise's specific effects on energy expenditure. Potential mechanisms underlying the extra calorie burning include increases in fight-or-flight system stimulation and muscle damage repair following exercise.

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